Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fair Doctrine

The Wopajo Says . . Fair Doctrine

by: f. g. lopriato y lopez

The First Amendment Is Not A License To Abuse.

No one wants to do away with Right Wing Talk Radio and censorship is out of the question. We had to have it during the Second World War, but Real Americans detest censorship and will not have it, on just a whim, as has been proven every time a language has been forbidden in the United States.

Why then, are we in such an uproar about Right Wing Talk Show? Why, for the very same reasons that we do everything else in a civilized society, of course! Breaking Wind on the radio for three consecutive hours each day is nothing of which anyone should take pride, least of all those Icons of the American Political, and religious Right.

A fart by any other name stinks just as bad. It matters not what perfume you use to hide it. One of our texts in Language School was "Language and Mind, " by Naom Chomsky. The school opened and closed two years later with one of his quotes." The meaning of those words encompassed everything that had been crammed into our brains those twenty-four months of non-stop instruction. "When we study human language, we are approaching what some might call the 'Human Essence,' the distinctive qualities of mind that are, so far as we know, unique to man." With that in mind, consider that, by their own admission, Right Wing Radio Talk Hosts, and their listeners are the most intelligent, the reverent, and better educated human being on the face of the earth, if not so gifted with talent so great, that can only be loaned not given by THE CREATOR, HIMSELF. Why do they choose to Hiss, and Bark, and make other hate filled sounds belonging in the realm of the most vicious of the lower species?

Dropping a few four--bit adjectives into that pile of two-bit rhetoric is tantamount to spraying a very large, angry group of skunks with a cam of cheap room deodorizer and trying to pawn them off as black and white flamingoes.

We, the Wopajo, are in the trenches, in the battle to eradicate, not Right Wing Talk Radio, but what they really are: an unruly mob of anarchists disguising as "American Patriots," when nothing can be further from the truth. Patriots do not propagandize against their own government, nor against their own compatriots.

The GOP is in shambles now, not because of the party itself, but because the party was infiltrated by factions that had, have, and will never have either the party or the party's fundamental interests at heart. Each of those factions have now shattered the unity that made the GOP unique. Now those same factions are infiltrating all the other parties, like those refugee rats that desert a sinking ship but these bunch is carrying a Political Plague. There is no law that forbids them membership in any Political Organization, but there is also no law that forbids you from accepting Right Wing Philosophy.

Authoritarian governments, such as Religious Government emphasize Authority, such as The Authority of the Organization, and its hierarchy, and recognize none but their own authority, a deadly dose of Political Hemlock for any Democracy. Christs advice to his disciples to "Render unto Caesar, the things that are Caesar's, and unto God." The things that are God's is the fairest doctrine by which to abide, in a democratic government, Why do God's representatives want to change it? What else will change, by changing that one factor? The very things that religions stand against would be, not under God's infallible justice, such as abortion and homosexuality would no longer be matters between God and ............. but a matter between ...... and his, her's or their government, as if the clergy did not trust God to apply His own Fairness doctrine to the matter. //// fglyl

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